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Full Version: 1981 - Grey, Manual - £34,950
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A nice looking grey manual here:

A bit rich for me at £34,950 - but may be what someone's looking for.

[Image: 3-Large.jpg]

Looks very clean for the money, as you say right at the top end of the values though. Shame there are no chassis pics to with it. I have asked for the VIN number to see when it was brought over.
Nice one Chris. Be interesting to know.
There are better buys kicking around…….this is dealer 'retail'. IMO.
I'd want a straight fascia for £35k too.
Yes, it does have the old "Roger Moore" going on
The dealer imported it and got it road legal late 2015, as a lot of dealers did during 2015 Sad  Still needs chassis pics though.
It's even got the DMC dealer option luggage rack under the bonnet, nice little addition.

Well spotted !!