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Full Version: New Old forum member here :-)
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Hi everyone!

It's been quite some time since I've been around on these forums.
Awesome to see the club thriving and doing so well.

Sadly, I still have no DeLorean, although the passion has never died, ill health unfortunately put a further hold on my dream purchase.

But at least I have my little collection to keep me going!! Lol ?
[Image: 490F6B01-643C-4324-A6E8-4ED17FD1E5EC.jpg]

Hope to meet you all again soon.
Hi Ya Tris…..long time no hear.

 I tried to send you a PM but your box is full!

I hope you are getting on top of your health issues …remind me what part of the country are you in?

 Send me a regular email as I find them easier to deal with. Smile
Hi Chris,

I know, my inbox was full of old PMs from back in the day ?.

I've just sent you an email ?

Nice shelves, very nice collection Smile
Thank you Domi Smile
welcome back Tris Smile
(10 Dec 2015, 15:34)Guinney1971 Wrote: [ -> ]welcome back Tris Smile

Missed this reply!

cheers Claire, I'm now a fully paid member too Smile