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Full Version: BTTF day on ITV2 21st October 2015
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Yes, the good news is that all 3 episodes will be on ITV2 on the 21st October along with a special presentation.

The bad news.... Keith Lemon

That may be the decider to avoid!

Maybe not everyone agrees, and I'm sure he's a nice guy off screen. But if there's anyone who irritates on TV, I'm afraid he takes the trophy! Even the 30 second advert is too much.
Yep, I'm sure it's just an act that's generated a lot of money for him..... But I'm like you I cant watch 20 seconds of him!
hmm..... so watch box set with a bottle of wine, some
snacks and no adverts, or watch on TV with that annoying
prat and adverts every 15 mins - I know what I'd prefer!
Just saw the ad for this tonight. Keith "lock up your knicker drawer" Lemon. :roll:

Box set sounds like a plan, have it on Blue Ray and never opened it. Big Grin I have a cold Anchor Steam sitting in the fridge.

Nick H
I did wonder if it was worth doing anything as a club that day but 99% of the cars and their are already booked up!!!
mines under a car cover on SORN tucked up for the winter.

Although I am on Radio Nottingham tomorrow, as I did a pretty
cringeworthy OB with them at the end of September :oops: :oops: :oops:
Same here Claire. Tucked up for winter. Bit of a shame I suppose as I am in the office today.
I could have picked up Mason from school in the D.

Have a great "Future Day" everyone!

Nick H
The excitement around Future Day is pretty fun, and lots of (hopefully good) attention for the marque. I booked the day off for it, but mostly since my wife is a massive Back to the Future fan. The only events I'm doing today are freebies.

Though it is nice to have been on TV last night and doing some further filming today! The car is the celebrity though and I'm just the driver...
IS anyone else watching Keith Lemon right now? It's actually pretty funny!!
I must admit it's not that bad. I surprised myself by not switching off after 5min of Keith.

More interesting is the word on the street that a certain MJF has taken delivery of a rather
special set of Nikes..... 8)

Nick H
I know, I know. Everyone is now sick to the back teeth with back to the future stuff now.

I'm just catching up after being suitably, and almost completely isolated from it on holiday in Greece (unfortunately, but only due to the timing of it all) but just wanted to say that I've just watched Lemon's (the plainfully, woefully bad "comedian") tribute show from my set recording of it, and was very pleased to be able to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was laugh out loud, and even in places, tear jerkingly funny, I thought. Maybe I found his thing funny this time because I could relate to the material, or maybe it was because he never once said "sha-mon" or whatever.

...and now, after the final relevant day for the original movies, I can honestly say, I'm ready for a complete reboot/remake of the trilogy....with a different car as the star too. Controversial I know, but I just feel I'm ready for a change and would be interested to see what someone like Chris Nolan or JJ Abrams could do with the story.

It's time our cars had a well deserved break from BTTF (in my opinion).
I thought the tribute was excellent too. He's a genuine super fan, that's why it worked nicely. I got on really well with him, very nice down to earth Yorkshire man :wink:

I personally think his Keith Lemon character is very funny, it's just overused as it became commercial. It's like anything really. I'm a huge Bo Selecta fan though, I thought that was hilarious growing up! :lol:
I'm afraid I just don't 'get' him, I watched a bit, and did laugh when the car backed
out of the trailer was a Metro, but after a while I had to switch over and watch something