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Full Version: hello
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I'm cedric From France
I'm 40
Owner few years ago of vin 10670 but I had to sell it in 2007
Stainless wing ' s member in france
So I'm fan of the delorean for history, movies and of course the car
Now after 8 years without delorean, it's time to buy another one.
Looking in Europe or in usa

And sorry for my english
Interested what you sold your D for in 2007 & what budget you're is today.
Some lovely person in 'Silver wings' bought me breakfast (left a note at hotel reception) when I was passing through France on the way to the Mille Miglia. So good to see Delorean's bringing Europe together!! Big Grin
Good luck with your search.
Bonjour Cedric, ca va?

Bonne chance dans votre recherche d'un autre Delorean Smile