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Full Version: Fitting a front brace
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After the success of refurbishing the front lower arms and ARB. I'm about to tackle the steering bush and indicator canceler.
While at it ,I'm thinking about having a brace made between the suspension towers/mounting bolts.
Question is....... Can I remove the fixing bolts for fabricating the brace without anything happening?

Yes. but I would not suggest driving it around without them in :wink:
There are a couple of pre made ones available (in the US) I had one on my old car.
Chjeers Chris. Any pics of it fitted? Did you notice a difference while driving?
Cheers for that Babis. I do like the look of the DMCNW one, but at +£300 keen on designing my own.
Like to hear feedback from people who have one fitted. Honestly worth the money/effort? Smile
Well personally I've never felt the need for one. But then again if go a bit bit swiftly it tends to be on streight-ish roads. Except recently on the Lotus test track and it seemed fine to me then.
I'm no engineer but that strut brace looks relatively easy to make-I'm sure you could source the parts or modify an existing aftermarket one very easily for a 1/3 of the asking price. Just an idea!
I had the DMCO one and I'm not sure if it did make that much difference. Some people swear by them, I suppose it depends on how hard you drive your car. It cant do it any harm to have one fitted, I'm sure people who sell them will tell you that they are well worth it and I'm sure a more spirited driver than me can tell you how much of a difference it makes!