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Full Version: New Delorean for hire website
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I've just launched my new website please feel free to check it out(especially the graphics of the Delorean going back in time) and please like and share on Facebook( Delorean hire North East )
Thanks in advance, see you all in Norfolk at the weekend
Good to see you trying to cover some of the D ownership costs but, how is that working out with your insurance (costs) & what does your contract say, if you, unfortunately, broke down on the way to the wedding/event?
My insurance fully covers me for weddings and birthday appearances. I don't do proms as that is classed as hire and reward. With regards to breakdowns. Due to the rare nature of the car I offer a full refund if the car becomes unserviceable as a replacement isn't really an option. I do keep a high level of maintenance on the car to mitigate any issues but unfortunately even more common old wedding cars and even newer ones can still fall foul of breakdown issues. helping towards the cost is one thing and helps me keep it on the road but the great reactions I get from the people who hire the 'D' is fantastic and makes it worth doing.
shared on the Club's Facebook page for you Smile
Thanks Claire much appreciated
no problem Kris Smile