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Full Version: Hello from Codnor
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Hello, my name is Ian and Im married with 2 kids who,love the cars and we have to go the long way round to,pass the one on Heanor hill
Have glad to have joined the group and have listed my event so hopefully some can help
Hi Ian, the car in Heanor is Richard H's…our technical expert. He bought the car from the USA many years ago as a running restoration project, it is now one of the best cars around…certainly one of the most 'spotted' by the public as it sits outside..…as you know.

If you look at the thread ( a few down from here) you will see the thread for the Belper Food fair. My car will be there in Campbell Street and there may be another one or two. You are very welcome to come and have a look.

I shall also be selling signed copies of my 'heavy weight' book! May see you there and welcome to the forum.
many thanks for the reply , that ssounds great , will see what the weathers like and mosey on over gersa crossed we can get one at our event as well fingers crossed