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Full Version: DOC Meet up 2016 - ideas?
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Hi All,

with the 2015 event so close, its time to start thinking about what we'd like to do and where we'd
like to go in 2016.

Since 2010, the Club has rotated its annual get together round the country, and we've been to places
like North Shropshire, Derbyshire, North Yorkshire and Dorset, as well as this year in Norfolk/Cambridgeshire.

Do people want to revisit an area or try somewhere new? Also, in 2016, some members will no doubt be
attending the Eurofest event at the end of May in Belfast, so it might be wise to move the event to later in the
year, around late August/September time, as we did when we held the event in Derbyshire.

Bear in mind that we need a hotel with at least 20-30 rooms, and plenty of free, secure, on site parking.

So come on, its your Club, lets hear your suggestions!
It would be good to do something though I do wonder if there will be enough call/demand for a large'ish event with Eurofest being earlier in the year. This combined with events in Norfolk that Eurotec do I'm not sure how much money/time people would be able to commit. However this does not mean we should not try to do something and certinally a late summer event would (as you suggested) probably be the best idea.
well I'll wait to see what people suggest, I'm thinking September would be better
as an 'end of season blast' like we had in Derbyshire a few years ago.

I doubt we'll be going to Eurofest tbh, its just too expensive for us with 2 DeLoreans
and 2 children under 6 to take along too sadly.
Goodwood would be hilarious fun. It's not that expensive and the area is packed full of hotels. There are a few cars on the coast, but it'd be horrible for those up thar Northlike to travel down.

I'm happy to enquire/arrange etc.
How about the Heritage Motor Centre, Gaydon?

Quite central to a lot of owners / members and lots to see & do...
Land Rover, Jaguar & Aston Martin factories down the road with the land Rover experience on site too.

After a petrol-headed Saturday maybe a drive to a Historic grounds for a more relaxing Sunday ... nd-gardens

Just my 2p
It would be great to do something up north again Big Grin
haha, well the idea was to rotate the event.

So far we've had:

2006-2008 - Norfolk
2010 - Chirk, Shropshire
2011 - Derbyshire
2012 - (didnt have an event sadly)
2013 - North Yorkshire
2014 - Dorset
2015 - Norfolk

so, on that basis, we need to be looking at something West Midlands/Welsh borders/Cheshire
sort of area.

Keep the ideas coming, then I can look into booking something before the end of the year and
planning an itinerary.
Thinking Cheshire for next year, probably September.

2016 is the 20th Anniversary of the DOC-UK, so an excuse for a party me thinks!
Well, keep us informed (like you wouldn't!). That far would probably be no-go for me; unless my D is road ready (no intention of it being so until 2017 earliest). I've driven that far a number of times for work and it's back breaking. However, it IS central so a good bet. Smile
I think we should have a party in my parents garage in Scotland for next years gathering. That way I definitely know the car will make it.
lol, well the DeLorean is one car I can say I can drive long distance and not get back ache Smile

I'm probably going to liaise with Ian Titley over the 2016 event, as north Staffs/south Cheshire
is his neck of the woods, and he can probably suggest places to go and somewhere to stay - to
keep costs down, do people prefer the idea of a Premier Inn/Travelodge?
Depends the location and idea of venue. If it's a single night, I'm happy with that sort of hotel (often choose a good Holiday Inn as they've improved a lot over the years) but if it's multiple nights you might want to try and line up something else. That said, most "good" cheaper brands have decent bars and restaurants to meet up/chill and tipple the night away....
ok, been having a good chat to Ian Titley to get some ideas.

How do we fancy a group visit to Jodrell Bank? I think that could be a fascinating place
to visit:

I've been looking at Hotels, and theres a 70 Room Premier Inn at Buckland (near Knutsford)
which is well located, and its also close to Tatton Park, so that could be a nice place to visit
for a relaxing Sunday?

Room rates are reasonable, you'd be looking about about £91 for Friday and Saturday night,
and there's a Brewers Fayre on site, which do decent meals at a reasonable cost.

Sounds OK to me, we just have to wary about demand and need to be aware the we dont detract from Eurofest at all. I think we should do something and your suggestion seems like a very good idea. I do however think budgets will be tight after Eurofest thats all.
Hi Claire a few years ago we stayed at the Stonehouse hotel with the Riley car club, might be worth a look at , as somewhere to stay, not sure what it,s like now but it was really good when we stayed there ,it,s just outside Stone maybe Ian could check it out
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