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Full Version: 5987 checking in
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Hi guys

5987 here checking in, arrived in the UK last week, only has 3600 miles and currently being recomisioned Smile
That's great news, where abouts are you located? Do you think it may be ready to pop along to one of the events later this year to show it off?
wow another one lands in the UK!! Smile
Yes, in the UK…but where in the UK?
Byfleet in Surrey, 2mins from Brooklands Smile
[Image: A04357C9-83F5-4CE0-8171-C06B4251B561_zps1r8lv89g.jpg]
[Image: 257D77C9-FC6F-47CF-90F0-44246BB6C7B8_zpss1p44pq2.jpg]
looks in lovely condition……too far from Derby to pop in and have a cup of tea. :? Hope to meet up with you at some time in the future. Smile
that looks a corker, you bringing it to the Club meet in August?