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Full Version: Wanted - Renault UN1 manual gear box
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I am putting the feelers out for a manual gear box for my car vin1780.

The car is currently sitting in my garage in a sorry state with ATF leaking out all over the place, the last time it was out the autobox decided to rev erratically and refused to change gear from 2nd to 3rd. I have asked some local gearbox specialists if they would be interested in repairing my autobox but they have said no. So I am looking at doing a manual conversion.

If anyone has one for sale at a reasonable price please pm me.

Many thanks

I'm surprised you cant find an autobox company to overhaul it for you :? or is the name DeLorean G/Box that scares them away?
Hi Chris, I've spoke to a couple of so called autobox experts in NI and they have all said no its too old for them or they wouldnt be able to source the parts etc. I even said its a UN4141 gear box rather use the words DeLorean incase they seen the pound signs.

The box will have to come out so I thought I may as well see about doing the conversion at the same time.
Hi David,

i have a 'brand new' Auto box that I have had in stock for many years, obviously I've not tested it, but it looks spot on. it stands me at £700, you can have it for that , but you'd have to get it over to NI somehow.
Just a thought....what will you be doing with the old autobox?
Its not an 'old' auto box, its a spare new one. Having had ( and still have) an auto car, its a spare…..along with a couple of engines , wheels and half a garage full of bits accumulated over the last 20 years.
I think Steve was talking to David, Chris :?
You are probably right Chris! :oops:
I was indeed - but useful to know of a local source of major parts!
Down out of my garage roof now and sat on a pallet, ready for shipping to David in NI, it has a new torque converter included/ fitted as well.

Still got its red plugs in, so hopefully all will be well once fitted. Smile
That's great news, should serve him well I'm sure.
Apologies for only replying I've had a busy few days.

Thanks to Chris I got a new gearbox which is a lot easier to work with rather start the manual conversion. It also helps keep 1780 in its original state Big Grin

The plan is to keep the old gearbox and use it as a source for parts (if required).

Fingers crossed I can get the box fitted over the next few weeks and will still be able to make the Lotus Factory trip Big Grin