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Hello DOC,

I've just signed up since I'm getting ready to take my loving of the DMC-12 to the next level. I will be starting my search for one soon - looking for a refurbished one but expecting not to pile on the mileage, rather I'll be admiring it in my garage and take it out for short jaunts whenever I can. I've not been your typical classic car enthusiast and know little about how they work which is why being part of this community will be important to find answers to the probably dumb questions I may have. This will be my first classic car purchase. I just hope I make the right decision when finding one to buy.

Whilst introducing myself I also have one question that has crossed my possibly naïve mind. How do you wash the exterior of a DeLorean? Does the brushed steel require any special treatment? Would you do it all by hand or can a domestic high pressure hose used? What detergents would you apply? Any hint's and tips would be good to know.

Welcome to the forum, I hope your search for a car goes well. Mileage does not really affect the value to much so don't worry about only doing short trips, get out and enjoy it 8)
There is a good support base of people in the UK supplying parts and help on these cars and there really not that difficult to work on, a good place to start is to join the owners club: and get out to visit a few cars in the flesh. There is a large meeting of cars in August viewtopic.php?f=8&t=5440 Although that's the full weekend you could pop along for the Sunday at Duxford and get to meet a load of owners and check out a few cars see the variations and ask any question you could possibly think of!
Welcome to the Club Big Grin

Regarding washing the car, I've always used a bucket of soapy water using washing up liquid and sponge going with the grain and pressure wash to finish. To get rid of stubborn marks or water stains use a good stainless steel cleaner. I've just bought a bottle of shiny sinks from Wilkos but haven't tried it yet.

Hope you find the ONE very soon.

Thanks Chris and Stu for your replies.

I certainly will aim to get to Duxford. Hope to see you there.

As for the washing tip Stu, many thanks. When I do get a DeLorean it's good to know a jet wash will not cause any damage.