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Full Version: Newbie from Birmingham
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Hi, newbie from Birmingham, UK and lifelong fan of the Delorean. I've been looking for one for years but never been financially in the position until recently. I've scoured the usual places and done some research but everything I find is in mint condition. I'm looking for a driveable car that needs a little tlc and considering importing one from the U.S.

Any help would be appreciated, especially when it comes to what to avoid.

Thanks in advance

Hi Scott

There are a few for sale at the moment most through dealers at the higher end of the price range. This is probably the cheapest in the UK at the moment: viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5870 and I suspect probably as cheap as you will get in the UK for a while. Lots of people have imported from the states either as individuals or through the likes of P J Grady. It's not as daunting as it seems and there have been lots of great cars brought back this way.

Thanks for the info. It's a nice car but a 'little' outside my budget. Having looked online for some time I'm seriously considering importing one from the US. I've looked around at various shipping companies in the UK but there's so much choice I'm not sure who is best and what to watch out for. Would you (or any members) recommend a trustworthy shipping company?

Thanks, Scott.
Lots of owners have used Trans-Global (TGAL) chap called Will Pocock Loads and loads have come through via them with no issues.
Thanks for the info Chris. Sorry to keep asking questions but on average what are the costs for importing from the U.S. Including import duty if the car was approx. 20 k USD ? Thanks...
I understand it's around the 2k area all in.
Hi Chris,

There are currently 3 on eBay US that I'm watching at the minute. They vary slightly in condition but are all good drivers. The only difference between them is their year of manufacture. I'm watching a very early model & a late model. In your opinion what year do you think is best? After doing plenty of research - including the advice you have given me (thank you) I'm probably going to bid on all 3 I'm watching. I think I've waited long enough...

I think it's mainly down to personal choice really, do you have a preference over hood style? Auto/5 speed, Black/grey interior? It's said that the later ones had a better build quality/fit & finish however I dont think it makes that much of a difference as any issues should have been worked out over the last 30 years.
Some people really have a preference over hoods for example this may or may not be important to you.