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Full Version: New member and would like to meet an owner - North West
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Hi, I am a new member and this is my first post. Hello everyone.

I do not own a Delorean yet but am currently looking to buy one. I am thinking of bringing one from the USA as there are more available over there and they are slightly cheaper when they do come available.

I live in the North West , Warrington near Manchester and was wondering if I could meet someone who lives fairly locally and who owns a Delorean in order to discus one or two things about buying one of these cars and ask for any advice in general. I have bought the publication 'The Illustrated Buyer's Guide to Delorean Automobiles' which is very good but other than that I have no experience of buying one.

If anyone has experienced bringing a car from USA then I would be grateful to learn from your experience.


your best bet is someone like Dave Howarth, our club president, who lives in Manchester (contact info
in club magazine as he's not on the forum).
Welcome to the DOC-UK, I hope you are 'living the dream' soon Smile
Dave's contact details are also hear:
Use the phone not the email…..but give yourself a clear hour to spare! Dave was responsible for getting me involved with DeLoreans 20 years ago, he a great bloke. :wink: