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Full Version: Complete PRV Laguna Engine For Sale
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Located in Ireland can ship overseas at additional cost. ... 4?offset=1
That's a 2963cc or 3.0 in salesman speak.

Maybe worth £100 on a good day.
Can the dmc sandwich plate and sump be swopped over to this engine?
True of all PRVs mate
Ah right, any drawbacks on that particular prv then?
It's much of a muchness really. Depends what you want to do with it... 160hp iirc
I like the idea of going to efi and never again crossing paths with another k-jet component Tongue
I would start with a B280E Wink I believe you already have an efi flywheel and bellhousing? That makes your job mucho easier.
With 200 miles now under my belt, I reckon 160bhp would be perfect for a Delorean. It just needs alittle more. Although my US sports exhaust makes it sound like 200bhp at around 3000rpm! :lol:
Quote:With 200 miles now under my belt, I reckon 160bhp would be perfect for a Delorean
In my last car I put in it essential the Volvo engine (cams/pistons/fuelling Etc) still looked like a stock engine and came in IIRC about 155hp (with de-cat pipe) I then fitted the performance exhaust and it added a bit more, cant find the figures just at the mo but I'm sure it was around the 160hp. But to be fair I would not wish to go any more with out some brake upgrades Shock