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Full Version: Custom front number plate brackets?
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Still away off for me as mines not even registered yet.
But have been thinking about front plate placement, I'm personally not liking huge UK plate in centre of bumper look.
I'm thinking of going for front right (Off-side), below indicator, white but same size as rear bezel.
This will need a bracket making as not wanting to drill bendy, curved spoiler.

Anyone done this? Anyone interested in some brackets being made up?
They were never fitted like that, but its your car at the end of the day :?
Thanks for that Chris, Mine never came with CD player, lowered suspension, sports exhaust, fog lights, stainless letters, etc etc, either. :?

I just think the front end looks so much cleaner without our huge plates screwed on the front.
I have one of these:
[ATTACHMENT NOT FOUND] ... ducts.html with a small style number plate attached.
A few suppliers make them I believe. Or you can take the risk of running without one as lots do, though they seem to be clamping down a bit on this now.
Looks well made Chris, but I can't see/work-out how that fits.
Any pics of it on your car?
Not my car (pic from Google) but attaches to the bolts that fit the rock screen:
Cheers, IMO, that does look better, but I'm going to try find away to tuck it down lower. Have a rough idea of how a bracket could fit.
Anyone else interested?
You can mount the bracket at the bottom of the grill.

Mec has the bracket mounted lower on his car which looks good.


I did buy one of these brackets for my car but have not gotten around to fitting it yet.
Cool plate.
I see he has a skirt kit (is that on sale somewhere?) so can sit plate lower & not interrupt rad air-flow too much.
I'd need to sit mine higher, hence moving it to the right, away from rad.
I made one myself many years ago ... just bend a SS plate and attach it to the rockscreen.

Hi 88mph,

As the attachments can no longer be seen, I'd be interested to see what your front mounted plate looks like.
I've often wondered what alternate positions people have tried up front.

This one seems widely used from SpecialT Auto:
I think Rich is still moving pictures over from the old forum that's why some are still missing!
Cheers Chris Smile
(Not having a go on the attachments, I know what a pain in the bum that stuff is)

Just interested in the positions for when I finally get mine. I'd like to keep the front as free of clutter as poss Smile


Have got a pic of that on your motor Chris?
Hi everyone. New to the forum, but excited to ship my pride-and-joy from San Francisco to the west of Scotland in 2021 when myself and the family plan to move home after almost a decade in the US. I'm dreading the idea of a front license plate, but just spotted a fairly decent compromise in the latest episode of Wheeler Dealers - Dream Car, S01 E06.

The owner is using a small number plate on what looks like a custom bracket attached to the lower front spoiler. It's low enough to not mess with the overall front aesthetics, and also seems to have enough space around the plate to ensure enough air gets into the radiator.

Does anyone have any idea what bracket he might be using, or can someone recommend a good bracket (preferably black) that would achieve the same result?

Thanks everyone,

[Image: 2020-02-17_uk_license_plate_01.jpg]

[Image: 2020-02-17_uk_license_plate_02.jpg]

Of course its a personal preference, but I think the regular one, as fitted by the factory to UK cars....does it for me.
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