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Full Version: Where have you fitted your fire-extinguisher
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I've got the battery isolator, but where to fit the extinguisher?
Rear shelf? But where is safe to screw through?
Mines fitted behind the drivers seat, the brackets screwed to the panel above the locking cubby hole-easy to get to and relatively out of sight, you don't need long screws into the board.
There are a lot of different thoughts on placement. Some say a hard mount is preferable so it will not get jarred lose in a collision. I'm not a hole driller though I like mine to be quickly accessible from a seated position in the DS seat. Mine slips in behind the passenger seat and stays put right against the seat back and the center console. It's pretty snug, but it would probably get lost in the case of a hard hit or a roll over.

I guess the size of your extinguisher plays a role in where you can mount it.
Cheers, I'll have a look, My bro says they have to be sprayed bright yellow with black Plutonium warning stickers on them!! :lol:
I have mine resting on the parcel shelf behind the netting. Nice and easy to get to, and doesn't require you to start putting extra holes in the car.
I previously had the extinguisher behind the passenger seat but decided I wanted it easy to hand after a 'quick bale out' so I could grab it and use it ASAP -the 2 screw holes were easily lost by brushing the carpeting around, in my view a good secure fixing is preferable to having a heavy pressurised extinguisher bouncing around the cabin and seconds saved accessing it could save your car if that situation arises. 8)
so where have you fitted it BJ?
Can I just recommend, those that go to the trouble of carrying a extinguisher around, you must fit a battery isolator. I speak from experience after losing a very rare (makes Deloreans look as common as muck!) VW to a electrical fire that compromised the fuel tank/pipes.
Although we had more than enough extinguishers to handle the actual fire, (works van following us used a very large extinguisher aswell) the electrical fault kept reigniting the plastics & fuel. Only when the fire-brigade arrived and the battery had died were things put out.
May help someone.
Good point there 88mph, always have an isolator switch on or near the battery-saves the battery running down over the days you don't use it and a crucial safety item-oh, and don't fit the extinguisher in the passenger footwell, it's too awkward to get to in an emergency ( especially if you're on your own), and fitting it behind the netting may cause problems in a hurry due to tangling etc!