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Full Version: Vin 5009... just arrived in Nottingham !
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Hello All

Picked up my car...Vin 5009 from Southampton yesterday... now safely inside here in Nottingham, I'm sure i'll be a regular on this forum from now on... I hope to see some of you in person in the coming year

Take care... all the very best for the coming year... Phil Big Grin
Well done Phil, another one in the Notts/Derby hotspot. feel free to post up some pictures there are a few people getting large Xmas pressies at the moment Big Grin
Congratulation on your purchase Smile
DeLoreans seem to rotate around Notts/Derby like moths don't they? Smile

Congrats on the purchase. Now get some pics up!
hiya, great to have another car in the East Midlands, AKA DeLorean central.

If you want to get in touch and pop over for a brew one day, we're just off J27 of the Super Slab
and have 2 cars here.

Claire & Phill
Another one has just arrived in Nuthall, Notts as well! seems to be a DeLorean magnet drawing them all there.
blimey, Nuthall is just down the road from us!!
Theory........ Is it because other people see the cars in the area & puts it in there mind to get one?

Still waiting for pics of 5009! Light project, minter, fix & make-do? We need info!! Big Grin