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Full Version: DeLorean Hire, Glasgow, 11 Oct 2015
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Katie Timpson
4 December 15:20
Just wondering if anyone here can suggest the best place for someone to hire a DeLorean for a day?
My friend is getting married and wants to arrive at the venue stylishly. She loves DeLoreans as so asked me to see if one could be hired for the event. The wedding is in Glasgow, and I haven't yet been able to find a car that can travel up to Scotland.
Any help/advice you could offer would be great!
My email is (apologies for the odd name spelling, often confuses email contacts) and the wedding is next October (2015) - the 11th.
Thank you.
PM sent Big Grin
Beat me to it Chris! I'm in Edinburgh though if you can't make it!
Please go ahead and email her too although I suspect you'll be cheaper being that bit closer....
Hope neither of you mind but I've sent a message,as I'm in County Durham but I think edinburgh trumps me too
Well since everyone else is showing interest, I could trump James further, since I'm on the side of Edinburgh closest to Glasgow. Lol!
The more the merrier Big Grin
I think the young lady will be pleased that so many of you are able to help, although
I'm surprised at you Hawsey, Glasgow is a heck of a commute from MK!! lol

Good luck to whoever gets the booking.