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hello everyone I bought vin00547 around 3 years ago just wondered did any of u know the history of her/ was it one of the first made........thanks guys
Hi, There are a few people on hear who know a lot about the early cars (as yours is) perhaps you could tell us a bit more about it/where you are located etc/perhaps a couple of pictures?
I live in Ireland I purchased it from Wilson's car auction in Belfast in April 2012...the previous keeper was a Mr Donald Davies in ni rip...I believe from the tax book he was the one owner of the car before me
He had quiet a collection all of which were sold at auction that day
Yes Don Davies was a friend of mine. I used to see him at Beaulieu every year , and frequenly at the NEC, we often stopped at the same Hotel. He always used to travel with a good friend of his, (who name I'm afraid I have now forgotten), Both car mad! It was Dons friend that told me of his passing.

Vin 547 Auto, Engine number 333 - Dunmurry-Serv.Parts Develop. car. online 260181 off line O60281 A.82 Capital plan D Rw-assigned from Public Affairs
( This is an extract from the vin history.)

For years it had the the reg number EAD1, then he changed it to EAD 1L It was a beautiful , low mileage, well kept car.

You are very fortunate to be its custodian. As far as I know it has never been out of Ireland.

Following his death his large collection of cars were sold off including many Micro-cars.
According to my records its the 28th oldest surviving DeLorean in the world (and could be a fair bit lower as many of the others were PROBABLY scrapped).

Look after it Kieth.

Chris Parnham Ex owner of Vins 510, 522.
Fascinating to see the history of some of the older cars. One day I'd love to come to your garage Chris and see some of the documentation you hold. And I'll book your book as well.

I've been doing some research on my own car (VIN 981). I think it came off the line on 6 April 1981, missed the first export boat that sailed on 19 April 1981 (379 cars) but almost certainly got the next one that sailed on the 23 May 1981, which was called "The Ocean Golf" (334 cars). As most people will know, the first two shipments went to the West coast of the US. The next bit won't sound believable but I promise it's true - my father even took me and some other family members onto that ship as the cars were being loaded so I was within a few yards of my car in May 1981 and then bought it 32 years later in June 2013.
Well Richard, my record show:-

Vin 981 Auto Eng no. 345 Dest. USA On line 300381 Off line O10481 Ex plant on 190481 Shipload 2 .175 production car shipped.

But they could be wrong of-course.

Anyway…you've already been in my garage…and the old one!
Correction to the above!

The car has been in my garage, as I once looked after it for a previous owner…but I got the wrong Richard! The earliest production Chassis I know 2.

We have nearly as many Richards as Chris's!
thanks v much guys for taking the time to reserch that thats some information i wasnt aware of.....milage is pretty low on her 16500 miles,,,defo like u all will be minding her,,,,,
Hope you don't mind me nicking your thread Kieth…..Here is page of our new book for Richard, showing his dad, Tony.

I shall now have to get scanning the photo's of the cars being driven onto the boat and see if I can spot 981.

(Yours won't be there Kieth as it was a Dunmurry engineering car and later used for factory publicity and never left the UK).
Chris P Wrote:I shall now have to get scanning the photo's of the cars being driven onto the boat and see if I can spot 981.

...and if you see 814 in those photos, please let me know Chris!


A new young member of the DOC has recently bought VIN 537. Wasn't this an engineering car believed destroyed?
I believe that was the story until it and 531 turned up in the US a few months ago.
Well apparently it's now in the UK but I think it's a project car, which is what the young lad intended on getting.

But yes Dermot, you are right... Wasn't it those 2 (of 4) that escaped the Crash Tests?
Not to hijack the OP's thread, but the recent story was told here!

where the owner of 559 almost bought it.

(Perhaps this 537 stuff should be moved to a new thread?)