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Full Version: Urgent Request, DeLorean Needed Mon 27th Oct Midds area
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Short notice I know, however I'm really hoping one of our forum/club members can help out with a special birthday event on Monday the 27th for a couple of hours around lunchtime?
These are the details:
The lunch party on Monday is at the Welcomb Hotel on the Warwick side of Stratford upon Avon. The car would need to be outside the front entrance from around 11.45am until around 1pm. Just so guests can see it as they arrive. It's very important to Brian as it kick-started his business career in 1980 and led to him forming Visioneering UK. He's now celebrating 50 years in the auto industry as well as his 70th birthday.
If any one can help out for a couple of hours then it will be very much appreciated, please can you contact me via 'PM' if your able to help.
The USA end of Visioneering was crucial to the DMC programme…..Its all in the book.

This would be a bit of a trek for me and I have other stuff on as well…..or I would do it myself.

Chris W …....if no one else volunteers please let me know.
Will do mate, thanks.