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Full Version: Glencoe run, Sunday 12th October
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I don't recall seeing this on here, but it has been arranged for a few weeks now.

Robert Gallo, the Scottish area rep, has organised a Glencoe run for Sunday 12th October. I believe the rough schedule is as follows.

9 - 9.30am - meet at Dobbies for coffee.

9.45 - 10am - leave in convoy, travel up to Green Welly at Crianlairach.

Continue onwards to the Clachaig Inn or similar for food.

I think the rest is play it by ear and see how people feel.

We'll be going, and I believe Mr Gallo will be taking his E-Type, as someone else now has his DMC...
Mega envy, glencoe is one of my all time favourite places! Never had the DMC that way though - Get plenty of photos beside the Clachaig eh? And plenty with the mountains in too...

Can't wait to see the photos, hope it's a corking day for you - got sunburt up Buchaille Etive Mor when I was there last in May!!
Jealous I can't come along in LEX. I've been wanting to get the "Skyfall" picture with my D' for some time now.

Looks like you'll beat me to it.
It's buried in this posting:
Having done a run up Glencoe with the DeLorean in August I bet you'll have a cracking time! I'd love to come along myself (especially to nab that Skyfall picture), but need to save my miles for the few jobs I've got scheduled over winter.

I know I could pop off the cable at the Lambda counter, but I play by the rules Tongue
According to the link aren't you supposed to be getting married today?! Big Grin
Happy one month-iversary Mr Green
September 9th, yes. And thanks Big Grin

The DeLorean did make an appearance at the wedding too;
Big Grin Congratulations to you both Big Grin
Fantastic, good man! Sorry must have misread the date - but belated Congratulations! Big Grin
jwrayth Wrote:September 9th, yes. And thanks Big Grin

The DeLorean did make an appearance at the wedding too;

Is that a picture with you and the new husband.


A good day out with the SDCCC, beautiful weather and some amazing cars. And two DMC-12s!

Robert's new RHD car.
[Image: 1521290_10152270815856184_31529721192280...8404b213ef]

[Image: 10300153_10152270815996184_3955965334297...b831230e52]

[Image: 10659218_10152270816306184_3061350003036...35e8325eb9]

[Image: 10698453_10152270817386184_3183647749984...959f5c7272]

Clocked over 10k miles.
[Image: 10710662_10152270817316184_2387104784277...16e36e45fc]

Proud owner.
[Image: 10624812_10152270817436184_7875460572019...0e22908a99]

[Image: 10378534_10152270817531184_3577671604946...70f627a003]

Two together
[Image: 10678661_10152270817666184_4848331853014...40a347081f]

[Image: 1385442_10152270817951184_89513582569889...9309c9fcab]

[Image: 1959707_10152270817876184_85617266754448...737911dde8]

[Image: 10678787_10152270815286184_8869370411622...e=54F67C2F]

[Image: 10636089_10152270815756184_5002886319968...996919b630]
Looks like it was a fun day! Didn't realise Robert had sourced a RHD so quickly, but glad to see the club rep in Scotland has a DeLorean again.

Wish I could have made it, but I was busy leak tracking.