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Full Version: Another DeLorean for auction, 16th October
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Now with an updated description:
This statement motor car has had just one owner here in the UK, who imported the DeLorean himself from Jacksonville in 1991; the previous custodian, we understand, was a detective in Ohio. Used sparingly as a fun motor car, the high specification GT has clearly been maintained to a high standard and is described as very good with no known faults. The vendor instructed a specialist body-off rebuild in 2006 at a cost of some £7000; this included a thorough check for corrosion in the substructure, which was repaired appropriately. In 2013, the cylinder head was overhauled and a new radiator and battery fitted, relieving the owner of a further £2748! The sympathetic work has retained all of the DeLorean’s original features (including the interior and carpets with their logos) and the supercar is being offered for the first time in the UK due to the vendor’s house move and general downsizing…..

The history file includes the V5C registration certificate, the workshop manual, shipping papers, the HM Cusoms and Excise document, the State of Ohio Certificate of Title, MOT test certificates and sundry invoices. The original tools and the space saver wheel are also supplied.

Shame they dont show pictures of the £7000 Shock chassis refurb
Just bumping this as the auction is this week, in case anyone is interested/looking. If any one goes and can give an opinion on the car (and price achieved) it would be great.
It's only about an hour away for me Chris so I hope to get down there myself, if so I will let you know my opinion and the outcome.

You never know, I might end up buying it!


Don't be greedy Mike!
I'm thinking of going too (if they let me out on day release).
Shall we wear matching carnations? Big Grin
Great news, be interesting to get an opinion on it. No one seems to know a lot about this car other than odd pictures of it over the years. If you could get the new registration number as well please, if it's been issued. Ta
If you are going '88mph' just send me a pm via this forum, it will be good to meet up with you there.
I rang the auctioneers today and it's the memorabilia first with the vehicles starting at about 1 pm so I will get there about midday.
have a good day tomorrow!
Thank you to Mike for attending, car sold for 23k + 12% buyers premium plus vat (I guess just on the premium) So about £26300 I Guess



Hi all,

Newbie to the forum here. Been lurking here for a while as a potential DeLorean owner! But first time posting...

I attended the viewing day yesterday for this car, with the intention of leaving a commission bid or bidding by phone if I liked what I saw. But with my limited experience (no previous viewings of any other cars, and only a copy of "The Illustrated DeLorean Buyers Guide" under my arm to assist me) It was going to have to be very, very good for me to be comfortable placing a bid without test driving it etc etc. So in the end I decided not to bid. Still found viewing it very useful going forward!

It has done very well at auction by the sounds of it - V. encouraging news for all DeLorean owners out there! I would be very curious to know if the winning bidder was there in person or bidding on the phone? Will they be joining the DOC or will this one disappear back into the shadows?

Took some photos of the car whilst there. If you guys are interested I'll post a few up (if my forum permissions allow)!

As an aside I believe the hammer fee was 10%+VAT (ie 12% total)
Hopefully the car will be seen out and about on the road soon. Congratulations to the new owner, Be nice if you can post some pictures up, and welcome to the forum BTW!

if you, or anyone else out there, is in a similar position and were to post your intention (and location) on this forum, i'm sure someone local to you would gladly let you look at their car and share some first hand knowledge with you. This could assist you to make a more confident and informed decision.

With so few cars coming up for sale these days, all good ones ( at a fair price) should be given serious consideration.

Yes the firming up of prices for cars is good news for owners…..but not so for the aspiring owners who are still saving up!


Hi Chris W and Chris P,

Meeting up with a member, or indeed attending a meet, to learn a bit more about the cars is definitely something I would like to do at some point. Any time anyone can spare to give me some advice will be most gratefully appreciated! I had always intended to try and learn a bit more about the cars before buying anyway, but decided that I better take a look at this particular one just in case I missed a bargain. As it turned out it sailed out of my budget anyway!

Anyways, Here's a few pics...


And a few more...


And a couple of the £7000 chassis refurbishment.

Apologies if the resolution of these photos is too high, let me know and I can scale them down.
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