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Full Version: Potential purchase NOW VIN 3802 FOR SALE
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Hi Everyone

I am writing here as a very nearly owner of a delorean.

I have been in contact with someone selling there imported delorean , it was actually the one that didn't sell at auction last month.

The car's story as far to believe is that it was imported by a collector who was buying another car from the USA and this was added as part of a deal for another car.

Since being in the uk it is surplus to requirements.

With negotiations being nearly sorted on the price and being quite a novice on the mechanical side when I go and view next week I am taking a mechanic with me but not an expert on deloreans.

Would any one be able to advise on what I should be looking for in deloreans other than the basic mechanics with any other car and also anything that I should check before buying.

The car since being imported has been in storage and has not been registered in the uk and is in need of an mot. can someone advise if any more than the headlights which need to be changed to get through the mot?

I hope someone can spread a bit of light on this it would be great so I don't come back with lots of extra spend to do on the delorean which wasn't taken into account when purchasing.


A very near delorean owner!

Hi Jake
I take it your 'probably' talking about this car? viewtopic.php?f=20&t=5343
Everything that is known about it is in that thread I'm afraid. Not sure if anyone from the DeLorean community has actually seen the car to evaluate it. To get a UK MOT all you need to do is change the outer headlights and fit a fog light (or convert the existing with a foglight modification) really easy stuff. One has to ask the question why did they not UK register the car though?? Perhaps this is the reason why it did not sell at auction?? just a thought. Make sure all the paperwork is sorted and any import tax paid (sure it will have) to be allowed out of the port!
Chassis is the most important thing check for corrosion especially around the front frame extention and engine cradle. Any panel damage can be expensive to repair, other than that your mechanic should be fine with the rest. I'm happy to take a phone call if you have any specific questions when your looking at it.
And dont forget to join the owners club! Big Grin
Topic updated as this car is now for sale: ... logue.aspx which was up for auction and did not make the reserve (highest bid was £19k) -

It has no MOT as it is not UK registered, one of our club members has been to view and I now have some pictures. It's not a great car but is a project (though top money for a project) Apparently runs but not at the moment, couple of small dents/drivers door needs adjusting/faulty window motor (though may be the switch as these are not in great shape)

If any one is interested the price is 'apparently' £21,000 why they don't get it MOT and registered I don't know, personally I think it would be worth getting it done to give a potential purchaser some reassurance and I have told the seller this.
According to the chap who viewed it, it was purchased on a 'whim' and imported with another vehicle however the seller has not much interest in the car.

Anyway if anyone is interested please 'PM' me for more details however I have to pass these on first.
Who in their right mind would pay £21000 for a non uk registered car that needs work? This is obviously someone who has imported and is trying to make a quick buck. If it sells at this price let me know as that's when deloreanyorkshire becomes yorkshiredeloreancarimporter Big Grin
Quote:Who in their right mind would pay £21000 for a non uk registered car that needs work? This is obviously someone who has imported and is trying to make a quick buck.
Yes I have tried to explain to them that this is putting people off, both through an auction and as a private sale but for some reason I cant get my head around, they seem to think it's worth more by having no owners on the log book. I have explained it would be worth more registered and with an MOT and that the number of owners does not affect the value, but not my decision!
Good luck with that then. Big Grin
Now on Car & Classics for........................£26995 Shock
If it falls about another £7K in will be in the ballpark.
Chris P Wrote:If it falls about another £7K in will be in the ballpark.

^ This, and the rest..
Yes i went to view a couple of weeks ago after being put in contact by Brightwells (the auction company where it did not sell) It reached 19k at auction.

Overall the car is is good condition, no service history so mileage cant be proved.

Interior is good little bit of wear and needs replacing, 1 window switch is missing but been still motor still works and demister switch is missing.

Small mark on bonnet and front bumper plastic above headlights needs respraying.

Driver door is not aligned properly so must be a little bit out of shape, so may need aligning again also a mark on the door where it may of been repaired but not very well.

The chassis is in good condition no rust and engine is good, suspension has been upgraded and new water pump.

When i looked at it , it didn't start so had to be jumped, could be the battery or alternator, it did run and drive around a car park, it stopped though and had to be jumped to start again. Not a good sign.

There is a slight knocking too nothing major.

It is very odd trying to figure out the history etc, what i have sussed is that it was imported by a dealer cheaply with 2 other cars, and the owner brought cheaply from the importer and hoping to make a quick ££.

It has not been registered or MOT'D there is import documents though, i of corse asked why it hasnt been registered and was told it is too complicated (which is isnt) and got me worried already.

Before i viewed i was quoted £20,500, owner went on holiday and when came back it was now £22500, when i viewed he came down to £21500. I was not happy with the car so went away and since have brought Kevins VIN2969 which is fantastic.

I have just seen this at £27k which is absurd! The fact it reached 19k at auction says it all. Owner trying his luck to flip it and make lots of money probally paid about 10-15 from usa.
Thanks for updating everyone on this. All info is a great help to any prospective buyer.
After reading this and Kevin's for sale thread, It's clear that cars advertised within our club sell pretty quickly cos there's more trust within a small community. These 'unknown' cars stay on the market (what seems like) forever and the seller seems to change the price every week. Reminds me of the one that was on ebay all last summer and the guy just couldn't shift it but the price was all over the place and he used the same pics for months.

Kevins post is a great example of how to sell, list of parts, work done, honest description & hey presto, its sold.
Well done to both seller and buyer. 8)