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Full Version: BTTF time machine mug on eBay
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A must for all you time machine owners out there-the image owes a little to the Haynes manual image ( instead of Haynes you've got Browns!) and not bad for the money! :lol:
Apparently based on the Mk 1 stolen plutonium powered version ............ :?
Damm, another I will have to add to my collection
Small thing, but why do they put so much effort into these things and then miss obvious things. I've got a sunstar time machine model and it has the OUTATIME plate, but then a Mr Fusion. This has a Mr Fusion and says it's plutonium powered. Sad
I was wondering how long it would take for someone to spot the 'deliberate mistake!
Also while we are on the subject on inaccuracies, am I the only one to have noticed that the HotWheels BTTF Time Machine has the underside of the hover conversions car from BTTF 2? The standard model DMC has a conventional underside,shouldn't that have been used instead?
Maybe the manufacturers have tooled up for more versions from the films, I've always said a 2015 hover conversion and the 1955 and railroad DMCs would make great additions. 8)
PS-but why use the wrong sized wheel for the front?! :lol: