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Full Version: Haynes 'Owners Workshop Manual' T-Shirts
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We now have in stock Haynes T-shirts exclusively licensed to the DOC(UK), I have a batch in green and navy Blue in sizes: small, medium, Large, X-large and XX-Large, and kids in Azure Blue. Only Gents at the moment. They are 'Fruit Of The Loom or Gildan T-shirts and for an idea on sizing please use this:
Couple of pictures of the T-shirts in Green:
In Blue:
In Kids Sizes in Azure Blue:
Sizes available:
Age 7/8
Age 9/11
Age 12/13
Age 14/15

Price: £11.00 each (kids £10.00 each) delivered UK Recorded delivery, Please 'PM' me for payment details Etc. They will go on general sale on the website when stock quantity comes in from Haynes. It's recommended to help preserve the printing please wash inside out.

These images are ©copyright 2014 Haynes/DeLorean Owners Club (UK)
Any unauthorised reproduction will be met with appropriate legal action.
Can you let me know when the RHD ones are ready please Chris?

In the mean time I'll make do with a FB size LHD one…don't know why I didn't pick one up yesterday…too much on my mind!
I'm really pleased with mine, great quality t-shirts, looking forward to wearing it when out in my car Smile
I will be interested in one shirt, I will send you a PM Wink
Quote:I will be interested in one shirt, I will send you a PM
No worries, will have Navy Blue ones next week as well when the next batch come through. I will post up pictures when I can.
In that case, I can wait and take two of them, 1 in green and 1 in blue if you don't mind Wink
Looks great in blue also Smile
By the way, I forgot to tell you about the size, it will be XL for both of them (green & blue)
Many thanks Wink
hmm, like the blue, might have to have one of those as well Wink
out of interest, how much are the childrens t-shirts?

typically, the age range that fits Kezia isnt listed, always seems to be the way with kids tee's Sad
Quote:out of interest, how much are the childrens t-shirts?
Topic updated with Kids ones now listed a £10.00 each delivered. The above prices are for UK signed for delivery, if you wish to collect they are £9.00 each for adults and £8.00 for the kids ones to club members.
Hello, I originally saw these for sale on eBay. Once I realized the club was selling them, I found the forum. I'm from the states and was hoping you would be able to ship one of these shirts more economically? The shipping quote on eBay was around 20 dollars US. Are you able to provide a better rate. Maybe if I bought two shirts you could ship both at the regular single rate. Please let me know, thanks.
'PM' sent
Do you still have t-shirts available in XL? If so I'd like one in Navy, and a Ladies XS in green if you have it?
'PM' sent

what colours/sizes do you have left? Particularly L or XL

I found the website listing for them, but it doesn't say, and the ebay listing only appears to have up to M

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