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Full Version: Opinions on a potential import
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Could I get your opinions on this car? ... c-3020.htm

I wasn't specifically looking for an auto, but I'm not strictly opposed and this is in my price range.

Thanks in advance and sorry for all the questions.


They have sold a lot of cars to the UK and seem to be good to deal with. I would ask for closer pictures of the frame around the engine cradle and front frame extention, also ask as to if they have the air filter housing, rear number plate surround missing also. Perhaps a video of the engine running and maybe the car being driven around. Interior does not look to bad at all, dash and binnacle look OK. As always allow yourself a budget that allows for things to go wrong (as they will) when you get it back! But going on the pictures supplied does not look to bad to me.
Thanks Chris, invaluable advice. I will ask said questions and see what they say.
Suspect the door struts need replacing just based on the fact there's no pictures of the car with the doors open supporting themselves, not a big deal but, as you say, one of those jobs that will inevitably need doing once it arrives.
It does look quite tidy, but it is an auto, which is somewhat less popular and there seems to be some oil leaks, could be engine or g/box, but could be fiddely to fix. Not sure why the chassis is black, may have been given a blast of preservative.

As a general rule, what starts off in Dollars ends up in Pounds, by the time you get it back here. Plus the bits Chris and I have mentioned.

I'd like to pay about $5k less, to be on the safe side
Thanks Chris, yeah I had wondered about the colour of the frame. My instinct would be to offer them $15k and see how that goes down. I realise this one needs work but hopefully it's the sort of car I could drive while I carry out the necessary work. Anyway, I've asked them the Qs Chris Williams advised I ask and we'll see how they respond.

Thanks again,

BCC have historically sourced some fairly ropey cars imho, which they sell at cheap (ish) prices.

Having said that, this one actually looks OK with no obvious question marks.

It's also on ebay, where the bids have surpassed $22,300 whereas the website was nly asking for $19k.

10625 btw
I think that's a different car on ebay, they have two for sale on their site at the moment. I think this is the one on ebay, might be wrong: ... c-3059.htm

Interesting what you say about ropey cars though, wondering if I could find something tidier underneath for ~$20k

Thanks for your thoughts

They all look the same you know Big Grin

you are correct. 10625 is the 82 grey/manual car listed at 39k, currently at 22k

the cheaper car is an 82 grey auto with the wide-stripe, listed at 19k (vin unknown at present)
Dermot is correct they do sell some cars at the cheaper end of the market, but as the saying goes you get what you pay for! They do however deal with UK buyers without any issues and people have had some good cars from them (and some not so good but correctly described)
An interesting reply to one of my questions about how mechanically sound the car is: "This vehicle runs and drives, however, the automatic transmission will not shift into 4th gear." Now, perhaps this is a newbie thing to say but I thought all automatic D's have 3 gears?
Quote:Now, perhaps this is a newbie thing to say but I thought all automatic D's have 3 gears?
Lol, they do however you could use this as a tool to get the price down! :wink:
Haha, just what I was thinking :lol:
Chris Williams Wrote:
Quote:Now, perhaps this is a newbie thing to say but I thought all automatic D's have 3 gears?
Lol, they do however you could use this as a tool to get the price down! :wink:

hahaha Chris, its gotta be worth a go!! lol
Oddly they're quoting the VIN as SCEDT26T8DD016523 but the chronology list states that 16523 is an '83 car but BCC have it advertised as an '82.

They also tell me it needs new door struts, the windows don't work (drivers' side stuck down), they don't have the air filter housing or rear number plate surround. They bought the car from New Jersey but it came with no history or service records. Plus there's the mysterious "4th gear" problem, the oil leak problems Chris P spotted and any potential issues with the frame as a result of those New Jersey winters. I'm not too put off but it would have to be a good price for me to proceed. I said that $14k was the figure I had in mind and he says that doesn't work for them. Can't see myself going much higher.

Thanks as always for your advice.
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