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Since it's just up the road from me, I've been in touch with the Scottish Car Show about having a DeLorean Club presence at the event. They were quite keen, despite me only being able to guarantee one DeLorean turning up!

I know there is only really John and I in Edinburgh full-time, and think this may be out of tax-season for Chris, but thought I'd see if anybody else is looking to attend?
Just out of interest , when is the Scottish car show might be able to add one more to your list as I live in County Durham, close enough. Might even get Tony the other guy down here to join me
It's tomorrw (Sunday 20th July). There are now actually two DeLoreans there, myself and a new club member Robert. I'm not sure if they still have space for another car, but if you think you can make it then I'll get in touch with them ASAP and see if anything can be done.
Ah! Unfortunately I'm already committed to a show here in County Durham tomorrow. Hope you get good weather for it