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Full Version: DeLorean News Issue 63
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The first issue for 2014 of DeLorean News (issue 63) is being mailed out at the moment, and will (Post Office allowing!) be delivered by the weekend. Any issues please let me know. Great magazine as ever, with Mike's humor rearing it's head :wink:
Cant wait! Eddies been producing some brilliant magazines recently.

( could I just mention to guest browsers ) that the £25 a years club membership is a brilliant deal, with 4 full colour mags included every year and Chris Williams, our secretary, will include a few back issues for a nominal extra price.

Remember, you don't have to own a DeLorean to be a club member………but its amazing how many member eventually end up with one!

Former Club Secretary Chris Parnham. ( now on my 13th DeLorean)
Quote:Cant wait! Eddies been producing some brilliant magazines recently.
Indeed, but all the Editors have. Without doubt the ones Eddie does along with being full colour do the club proud, without doubt one of the best club magazines out there.
ah, I thought it must be out soon, I got the invoice from Hawksworth for it the other day Wink