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Full Version: DeLorean News Issue 61
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Pleased to say issue 61 will be mailed out on Monday 30th September. As ever a super magazine with some very interesting content from a couple of new contributors. Some mags went today (28th) but most will go on Monday. Only down side is that due to a technical problem at the printers it has delayed this issue by a fortnight meaning an advert has gone out of date.
Please any content for the next one can you Email it to: the more content we have the quicker the turnaround of magazines.
Thank you for the good news Big Grin
Nice one Chris, look forward to receiving it Smile
Received mine yesterday, thank you Wink
Quote:Received mine yesterday, thank you Wink
Amazing, that's quicker than we get them delivered! Shock
I guess I'm lucky on this one Mr Green
Got mine today, thanks Chris Smile