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Full Version: Spotted on Ebay: AXI 881 number plate £800
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AXI881 for sale. (Nothing to do with me, just stumbled across it...) ... AXI+number
Nice number Richard....are you going to "come out" about your recent purchase?
Indeed so, in fact I did on the Sunday but you had left!

"AXI 646" should hopefully be gracing my own car at some point very soon!
AXI 8 81 would be good for someone with an August 81 De Smile
Fab, good job Chris!

That's you, me and Mr Hutchinson locally who have AXI xxx plates now  Big Grin
I had that Ebay advert saved in my favourites. I was really interested in that number for my car, but at £ was money i needed to put elsewhere. I may reconsider if/when it becomes available. But still, £850. Eeek.
Or you could have AXI 88  Only £5.5K!
UIJ 197 is available for £400 if interested.  It is Irish rather than Northern Irish and being six characters where two are slim it fits in the rear OEM bezel nicely...
(13 Apr 2021, 22:09)Chris P Wrote: [ -> ]Or you could have AXI 88  Only £5.5K!

I remember when DickyH bought an Irish plate for his car for £150 and it came with a free Vauxhall Cavalier that he proceeded to run for the next
3 or 4 years :-)
Times have changed Claire.....I can remember when I bought a beautiful 1983 LHD, grey manual Delorean, with 110 miles on the clock for £11.5k!

Mind you, it was on a Q plate...which took all of a month to get it sorted. It would be £50K today!
Indeed. Just watched an episode of Bangers and Cash on Yesterday channel, the remains (literally)
of a 1965 Mini Cooper S 1275 that's been in a garage since 1978 sell for £18,000 - and the experts said
that restored it was north of £50k. To the untrained eye it was nothing but a pile of rusty scrap.
Have you moved the MG ZS EV on and replaced with a KIA EV?
Yes Chris, much greater range...280 miles v 160. It feels like a much more mature car, it has been around for over 3 years. It just feels 'fully sorted'. It also has independent rear suspension which makes it feel better planted on the road.

Mind you it came at a price.
This link works.....looks like GUll 10.
Another nice number for a BTTF fan....its too new to go on a DeLorean....but would look nice on your 'daily driver'..