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Full Version: Imported project car in Kent
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Hi there,
New starter here so lots to learn. One thing I know is that I've got a pretty big project ahead of me.
I shall be picking up this car from the importers on Tuesday and shall get assessing straight away. It's frame is sorry and is most definitely a non-runner. I obtained the car from a dealer in LA but it showed the car previously registered in Florida. I'm looking for mainly a standard re-build but with a few subtle extras/creature comforts.
I will add bits here as the project continues.
Good luck with the project. It will be interesting to see how you get on with this
yay, another DMC in the UK Smile

If you need any help or advice, then just shout, there's plenty of us on here who've been in your
shoes and will be more then happy to answer questions regarding how to do stuff and where to get
parts from.
Thanks for the support. I have the usual 'blah blah' story of wanting one since I was a kid but it was either waiting forever to get enough money for a complete one, or getting this shed and having a couple of years to do the work that is needed. I realised this was a much better idea as I'd love to do the work and it will mean so much more to me when it is done.
It's going to have to be a frame off job at first I believe, but I'll know more when I get it from Essex on Tuesday.
I've only done one other car project before. It was a 1990's Chevy Lumina Police car. It's done as an NYPD car and now it's complete I think I may know enough to get this one done!
I will place a few more pics on now that I received from the independent inspection it had in LA.
Also, the import company was telling me that I needed to pay import tax and 20% VAT, however after a quick push they gave me the correct paperwork and HMRC straight away agreed to just 5% which has made this project start with a good amount of capital behind it.
tonydrivertraining Wrote:It's going to have to be a frame off job at first I believe... now it's complete I think I may know enough to get this one done!

Well good luck and I'm sure the club will try to help out if you get stuck. Smile
A few more pics. Better ones soon.
tonydrivertraining Wrote:A few more pics. Better ones soon.

Looks like the engine needs a complete rebuild, are you planning to do any of the performance or reliability (e.g. EFI) mods?
It's the sort of car I'd go for - shabby but basically complete. 4772 came from Florida in a similar state, although the chassis was almost mint.
Well I'm not one to get extra power for it, but I will most definitely want it to be more reliable.
After a couple of days I'm sure I will have a much better idea on what it needs, but first off is the frame I think though, it's just in such bad nick.
Good luck with the project, seems to be a growing number of D's coming back to the UK. Smile Where about's are you based?

Judging by the ding in the left wing, it looks like the car that was being sold by the beverly hills car club?
Yes indeed, it was the Beverly Hills Car Club. I believe I paid a bit much to be honest, but as I should be able to do at least some of the work myself I think I will still be better off than getting a fully working one.
The ding is annoying, but hopefully some magic can be worked. No rush though, there's so much bigger stuff to do it'll have to wait a bit.
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