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Full Version: VIN 4494 - UK Legal and on the road!
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Morning James,

didn't realise there was another Delorean owner so close to me, Whats the story with yours?
seems like you had chris do some work on your car, he did some on mine to!!!!!!!!
Not today, but this weekend I have;
  • Re-sealed windscreen, fixing passenger side leak
  • Replaced out door-seals, both sides
  • New Wipers
  • New Washer Motor for wipers
  • New Hand-brake cables, both sides.
  • Painted the handbrake bracket with anti-rust paint (zinc coating was damaged from previous welding)
  • Rear fog-light modification
  • Removed more of the P/O wiring changes
  • Took off the deflector plates, cleaned the underside of the car

And thusly passed my MOT test with no advisories. It's strange finally having a hand-brake in the DeLorean that I can trust Big Grin

Now just need to renew my tax and insurance, then wait for summer to roll in...
Oh, and I nearly forgot; Took the car out for some fun at Ingliston.
nice one Big Grin
So it's not the car, but finally after being given the run-around by several landlords I have finally got a garage for the DeLorean again. Picked up the keys today, and giving it a deep clean tonight.

Then tomorrow I'm going to collect the car and some tools and move in proper. Then start catching up on all the small jobs I've been putting off!
Quote:Oh, and I nearly forgot; Took the car out for some fun at Ingliston.
Looks interesting, anything we may see?
Chris Williams Wrote:
Quote:Looks interesting, anything we may see?

I'll be sharing with the club when I get the all clear to do so :wink:
jwrayth Wrote:I have finally got a garage for the DeLorean.....

That's good news.

Any car outdoors overnight is a theft and vandalism risk, and takes years off the life of the car.

A few years ago, I had a C Class Mercedes for 2 years, quite an old car, but kept it indoors for the first year and outdoors for the second.

After the first year, it was like the day I bought it, after the second it was shocking!

I've had my delorean nearly 8 years in which time it's spent about 8 nights outside, and most of them were dry.

Needless to say the D looks the same as when I first owned it.

You will have to post pics of your new Delorean palace!

She wasn't kept outside, but I did have to put her into off-site vehicle storage over the winter. It was less than ideal, and the lack of being able to work on her proper over the winter has been a real pain. Now I've got her out of storage and taking a look underneath, it's a sorry sight Sad

I originally popped under to remove the exhaust manifold stove, since it was no longer used on my car, and then started noticing rust that had obviously been creeping in over winter. A whole new list of jobs to get done on the car now.
So the master list of things to tackle at this point appears to be;
  • Switch the battery cable routing into the tub to fit the UK post orientation. Though after taking my dust-shield off the underside I see that the cables go up over the trailing arms so not sure how I'll get this one done...
  • Locate the apparent coolant leak causing rust on the crossbrace
  • Replace my rubber coolant hoses with silicone ones. Might need to refurb some parts related to this due to apparent rust.
  • Refurbish my drive axles, as they both are suffering from spots of rust
  • Replace the lip seals for both drive axles, as both appear to be the source of my leaks around the gearbox
  • Cross-gate cable sheathing is frayed. Looks like it's rubbing against the frame as it exits the centre portion just before reaching the transmission
  • I'm also leaking oil at the shift mechanism bellows, it appears.

I hope y'all are ready for lots of threads spawning when I am in way over my head trying to resolve these Shock
More good news; weeping coolant at the drivers side bottom end of the radiator. The radiator has metal side-tanks, so appears to have been replaced at some point.

Another thing to pull and investigate :roll:
Quote:More good news; weeping coolant at the drivers side bottom end of the radiator. The radiator has metal side-tanks, so appears to have been replaced at some point.
Depending on what you do, I can recommend Ed's replacement if you decide to change it. ... s_id=41006
Purchased a coolant pressure tester off of Fleabay, so will be leak finding soon enough. Hopefully don't need a new radiator, but with my luck so far I doubt it Sad

Two other leaks found yesterday; both oil senders are weeping oil. Looks like I'm going to be a busy man getting her ready for car-fest!
Taking off the boot access hatches to view the coolant pipes from above and found my fuel pump feed and returned hoses all gummy and falling apart. Taken them off and picking up some more hose and clamps to rectify that shortly.

Then to my surprise, the cylinder of my replaced drivers side door lock came off stuck onto the drivers key. So I need to take apart the door again and fix that.

Really having no luck at the moment (though finding the fuel hoses now rather than them bursting later is a silver lining!).
Fuel hoses at pump replaced, but the pump cover no longer fits (it's brittle like plastic and all out of shape). Managed to secure it in place as close as possible, but likely need a new one.

I took the opportunity to clean my fuel sender too, and now my fuel gauge seems mildly more responsive, though still not smooth (sticks around the half-way mark sometimes).

Unfortunately sheared a bolt on the engine cover hinges when putting it back on Sad So going to need to replace one of the latches eventually.

Though after all this, I was able to take her out for a 15 minute test drive and she seemed much happier than my last drive with her!
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