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Full Version: Body off frame
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What is needed to disconnect in order to lift the body off the frame?
Body bolts
Steering shaft
Brake/clutch lines from reservoirs
Handbrake cables
Rear fascia
Electrical connections at bulkhead
Battery cables
Water hoses to expansion bottle
Water hoses to heater matrix
A/C Hose going to condensor
Gear knob /Selector
Throttle cable
Front loom where it bolts to the frame for earth
Fuel tank filler hose etc

Those are the main ones
Thanks alot! If there is anything more, feel free to shout it out!
There could be more but you will find those things making the funny noises when you try to lift the body off Tongue
There'll always be something you miss, but that seems a pretty good list!! You'll soon find the maximum tensile strength of anything you forget!

If yours is an Auto then you'll also need to disconnect the governor computer socket and detach from the bulkhead...
Its a manual, but thanks anyway! Smile