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Full Version: Car wanted, Ideally next week in Coventry for photoshoot
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Copy of Email sent to me below.

Hi Chris,

Phil passed me your details in the hope that one of your club members might be able to help me with a project for work.

One of our clients is hoping to 'take off' Back to the Future in celebration of its 25th anniversary.

We can photoshop a film poster but wondered if there is anyone in the Coventry area who might be available to take part in a photo shoot on Binley Business Park (address below). Really we need to get an idea of potential costs and whether there is anyone in the area before we can commit, but if you are happy to put the feelers out on the forum etc. that would be great, many thanks. We would be looking at arranging the shoot for first thing next week, most probably in work hours.

If you can help that would be great - the guys here are pretty excited about seeing one in the flesh.

Feel free to give me a call on the number below if you have any queries.

Kind regards,


Anna Jamson

Account Manager

024 7656 0449
do they want a BTTF replica or a normal car?

Myself or Phill might be able to help out if no one closer can.
ASAIK a 'normal' car will do but it may be photoshopped!

okey dokes, will try and get in touch tomorrow Big Grin
I have just spoken to them, apparantly the client was looking for a 'free' car for the shoot and was hoping that there was a car in Coventry that would do it for free. For me, travelling down from Nottinghamshire, I'd do at least a tank of petrol (nearly £50), which they fully understand.

On this occassion, they've said that they'll do some photoshopping instead, but will be in touch if they have any future requirements.