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Full Version: Rear bulkhead sound proofing
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I'm cleaning out my car for next weekend at Eurotec. 1001 carpet cleaner is the business. The sound proof foam and rubber on my parcel shelf had perished and stank so i scrapped it off and replaced it with some rubber backed underfloor membrane i had in the shed.
Anyway I decided to try do the rear bulkhead as well because of the musty odour. Upon removal of the bulkhead fascia i discovered the sound proof rubber is intact but damp and sticky..... its disgusting to touch. Does this mean I've a leak or is it just the natural way the rubber goes?
I would suggest you have a leak.

I've never come accross that before, normaly they dry up and crack.

Prime candidate is around the rear window of course, but look out for hairline cracks in the fibre glass body tub around that area, particularly in the 'gully' just beneath the window.
The foam behind the rubber is dry....its very odd. Anyway, I've left the cover off so air can dry out the interior a bit.
Are the chunks of foam on the back board dry?
Yep. In fact the insulation foam and rubber is in good shape (but sticky) compared to the parcel shelf which just fell apart.

Its like the rubber has just gone sticky over the years......
How bizzare. The only thing I can think is that some chemical has got on it and caused it to break down - certainly a new one on me. :?