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Full Version: New Stainless Exhaust System (PICS)
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Hi Everyone

After 4 weeks of waiting my new fully Stainless Steel exhaust system arrived.

As you can see it is rather nice.....

[Image: P7310106.jpg]

I went for a system that did not have any CAT's as it is legal in Northern Ireland to drive a pre 91' car without a CAT, although you can also get this system with CAT's. As you can see it was very well made and includes this nice screw insert for the Lambda Sensor, this system also removes the restrictive cross-over pipe and free's up alot more horse power.....

[Image: P7310108.jpg]

I went for the semi loud system, they do two others, quiet and loud, I have heard the loud and it is way over the top. Again look at the quality of the workmanship on the tailpipes.....

[Image: P7310110.jpg]

It was made for me by a company in England called Stainless Exhaust Specialists, you can find more about them and their Delorean system at

Hope you like the pictures, there will be more when I get it all fitted in a week or so.


Nice, there is nothing sexier than a shiny bit of metal ready to be put on the motor 8)

Ok, 2 shiny bits of metal !



I will soon be the only one without a shiny new exhaust Sad

I hope the 'Exhaust Fairy' comes to my garage soon.

Let us know how the install goes, and at least you have lots of stud holes to play with when all of yours shear off Smile Smile

Good choice with the medium loudness backbox Smile still ive yet to hear the quiet one they make ... i wonder why?? Smile
Alistair, what do you mean the loud one is way over the top, who's did you hear to give you that impression ? Big Grin

I know chrispy was the quite one on his 83 car and that it sounds almost the same as the mild one.


hi all

if anyone has a old system off there d as i,m looking for one until i can aford a stainless one let me know and i will might part some money
Big Grin
o.s how much did that system cost al