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Full Version: James RGs Collection
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A few little gems, maybe not as exquisite as some of the other members cars but I've loved them all.
(I've excluded company cars as they were boring and modern!)

DeLorean Purchased Feb 2000 (technically the 1st car I owned)
[Image: dmc1.jpg]
Spit MK IV No.1 English Apple White
[Image: Spit_1.jpg]
Mercedes 350 SL V8 Soft-Top
[Image: merc_1.jpg]
Spitfire MKIV No.2 (I love em!)
[Image: Spit_2.jpg]
[Image: Hilux_1.jpg]

A Van

Good stuff mate.

The second Spitfire looks strangely familiar..and where the photo was taken lol

love the SL mate, always had a soft spot for those Smile