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Insurance for younger drivers
oh loverly just dont start on girls thats a touchy subject at mo

dont want to talk about it

VIN NO. 05583

Let uncle Ben have a word mate, voice of experience even though i'm not exactly in top form at the moment! Slipping back into old habits isn't good. Keep the mind on the car, relationships always come 2nd!
Haha plastic pigs! I had a Reliant Kitten earlier in the year that I drove for a while. Was going to put a stupidly powerful engine in it but you know what its like with time and that so it got sold. Brown and cream 2 tone paintwork :wink:

As for bikes Ive got a chop with a Suzuki gs850 engine in if that means anything to anyone.

As for points on my license, its a total miracle I don't have any :?

As for relationships, i'm not in one :roll:
VIN: 6511
I remember attending a plastic pig, years ago. it was given to me as damp engine, when i got there the idiots that owned it had actually walked away and left the handbrake off, it rolled into a pond, all you could see was the top of the roof line :oops:
It didnt float Tongue
on a serious note I got a quote today from adrain flux, it was £100 less than AON CLASSIC total £166 ..but then I am an old fart with 300 years no claims :? no convictions , no accidents,
DOC # 595
forgot to say dont forget thats with all the mods, wheels, body kit,dvd, etc
DOC # 595
Don't upset me with your cheap insurance rates Cry

I once chopped up a 3 wheeled plastic pig to build a trike :o
VIN: 6511
Is your car going to land tomorrow Allen? And I'm just renewing my insurance now with AON, my quote goes like this.

DeLorean DMC-12, 1983, 2849cc V6 2 Door Coupe'
Unlimited Miles
Covers 2 overnight garage addresses work and home, unless you are at a show in which case it's covered.
Agreed value of £18,500, (Valuation required)
ICE £1000
Malicious Damage Cover
Fully Comprehensive
Full Breakdown Cover, which covers me, not just the car..... So I can break down in anything and get recovered. Also includes Home Start, and takes your car to the garage of your choice, not the closest.
European Cover, certain restrictions.
Salvage buy-back facility

Not all of you would want the breakdown cover, but my policy includes it.

£265 Total

I'm 34, full UK Licence, No points,, Full NCB, (Though its not used on a classic policy)

Deduct £75 if you dont want breakdown.

Installments Available.

No Ben,its still sat in NY. seems it was held up in customs, was worried the dogs found something :lol:
now its waiting for a ship, so I think the ETA of the 22nd was wishfull thinking,
Ah well it might be here for xmas,,, Cry
DOC # 595
Sorry to hear that mate..... Isn't it typical? Would be nice to have it all done by Christmas wouldn't it? The best things come to those who wait though Mate! I've been having a tinker today, and I'm changing most of the nuts/bolts to Stainless ones, as most under the hood were missing anyway! And I replaced a bolt that must have been missing since I've had the car, one that really bugged me, as the O/S front wing seemed to give a little by the door, most noticable when you ran a rag over it cleaning it. That 1" give has now gone, so i'm getting through the jobs slowly!

You got it all to come!
Yeah no doubt, I thinkk the guy ive bought it off though did love the thing, so hopefully he has attended to its every need, Ill soon fid out,hopefully not the hard way :?
Was it yours having a new clutch how did that go
DOC # 595
The clutch is great in itself, just got to stop the hydraulics leaking now. Seems they disturbed a pipe, and theres a puddle under the car every day, so tomorrow its being done, and I've bought a new slave cylinder just in case. I've had my car a year a week saturday, and spent £3000 so far. Mind you, £1100 was a VRM, so you can't include that really. Still, £1900 definately means my car is spoilt!

you might as well stick it on regardless, seeing as you bought it,
I didnt expect this whole episode to be cheap mate and like I said I was gonna buy phils car for 17,000 so this one is costing me about 15 so 2 left to deal with "little problems" :?
I may even have enough left to buy my kids some xmas pressies,, :lol:
DOC # 595
tc ozzie, have got any pictures of your KITT you'd like to post ?

Having a KITT and a DeLorean, I'm very jealous!!!

john c
Ive got pics of my KITTen :wink: Its ok I won't inflict that on you!
VIN: 6511
Well you certainly aint got to spend no money on ICE wise, or BLING wise, thats ready sorted..... Although there is a certain element about doing it yourself. But now you have more time enjoying it rather than thinking of new ideas to BLING it as its already done!

And I got to admit, you've just got to have a DVD player in a car in this day and age..... I claim to be basic, but theres no person thats more of a boy racer than me deep down, though I think the racer bit don't apply anymore..... Think we are all still boys deep down!

You should have seen some of the toys I substituted to buy my car

2 cars, 1 a BMW with 10 K of pimping (Waste of money again Sad) , the other a convertible
A fender telecaster and marshall stack, 2 grands worth
Extensive home audio and home cinema equipment, sub totalling 10K when new, 7 years later i got a few grand Sad
Amateur radio equipment..... I'm talking Kilowatts when the legal limit is just 4!
Nitro powered R/C vehicles that hit 80MPH (Schumacher Nitro Fusion for those in the know)

Numerous other items, sat nav, camcorder, power tools,

Not to mention all the "hobbles" I did whilst saving.

I must have wanted a D real bad, if I added up the exact amount this lot cost me in total, you'd be looking at probably 30K at least.

Don't we waste money terrible?

I should shut up, i've probably spent more on take away's this year hence none of my clothes fitting me anymore. Big changes for me next year!


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