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Getting into the luggage compartment
Hi all,

I just got my gear shift pivot bolt fixed so I can drive my car again (hooray!), but in the process I discovered that the bonnet release has also broken with no warning, it just moves freely without unlatching. When I first got my car Martin put in a backup wire for when this happened, but unfortunately the problem seems to be with the latch itself rather than a snapped cable because that wire also won't work, and it just pulled straight out without doing anything Sad.

To make it worse I have the flat bonnet with no fuel flap, so I have no way to refuel the car until I can get in there. So my question is, how can I break into my own car's luggage compartment without breaking it? I'm sure I'm not the first to have this problem!
Rob Williams
DOC 475
VIN 17152
ooh heck

Try pressing the bonnet down slightly at the area where it latches in the catch to try and ease the load from the mechanisn and get a friend to operate the release/ backup cable. hope this first one works.

The second trick is to have the car up on ramps or over a pit then poke the rubber brake re-filler grommet (5" diameter) out of the way and use an unwound coat hanger with a small hook on the end to then operate the catch if you are lucky. I think this was mentioned in an old club mag

Either way good luck.

Let's assume the latch is fine and that the stirrup thingy the cable(s) attach to has broken. I got into my car using a length of copper pipe with a bent "L" bit on the end inserted under the right side of the bonnet, pulled upwards and with a tea-towel over the wing so I wouldn't scratch it. I was able to guide it to the latch and it popped right up, but I think I was very lucky. I couldn't go the brake panel access route because I had stuff under the bonnet. I also have an early car with a gas flap!

Otherwise I would suggest investing in some hacksaw blades and try to cut through the latch eyelet - it's not very big, cheap to replace and not particularly hard, though you'll probably still be there for a while!
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
this is what puts me off getting 1 without the gas flip hood, then again they dont look so nice:S
DOC 527
Vin #10264

What is with the Top Gun look ???
yea, I was wondering that.
- Dave Smith

VIN: #00944 DOC: #535
VIN: #03193
The rubber disk over the brake reservoir won't work because the wood/carpet thing is above it and I can't push it out of the way. I tried a coat hangar through the top of the bonnet but no luck with that either.

I think I'm stuck with the hacksaw route. Otherwise I might wait until the next meet so I can look at someone else's latch mechanism to help 'see' what I'm doing. So long as my fuel holds out that long...

"Top Gun look", well, why not? It's so I can scare small children (and girlfriends).
Rob Williams
DOC 475
VIN 17152
Success! About an hour with a hacksaw blade and I managed to demolish the latch pin and get it open. My problem turned out to be that the stupid split pin had pinged off the end of the cable, so both the cable just flapped around uselessly (as did the backup cable, which would have been a lifesaver if the actual cable had snapped rather than the pin coming out). Thanks for the suggestions chaps.

Now to find a way to shut the thing again Smile
Rob Williams
DOC 475
VIN 17152
Well done mate
Rottbott Wrote:Success! About an hour with a hacksaw blade and I managed to demolish the latch pin and get it open

Good work there, so you now have the worlds largest gas flap on your hood Wink Smile

Sounds like a right pain to do, bet there was a few beads of sweat at the end of it Smile

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