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importing a Delorean
Hi Guys I am just in the process of importing my car from Chicago 

I have read importing car back in to the country they were made in reduces taxes duty from 5% to £50 is this correct 

Thanks in advance 

Follow the advice here:

It helped me out and I had zero problems dealing with the import and getting it registered and legal for uk roads. Theres a form you need to fill out as its technically classed as a re-import and it will also mean you only pay 5% of what you paid for the car.
- DeLoryan
VIN 5219
Oct 81, Grey interior, 
manual, grooved hood
DOC 876
There's a guide here on the top level of the Owners' Cllub website:

I seem to think I got stung for 5% of the shipping fees too!
Richard Hanlon
DOC 393

1981 DMC-12 VIN 06126

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