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Carfest SOUTH 23rd-25th August 2019
Hi everyone, 

I’m pleased to announce that the Delorean stand has been booked & confirmed for Carfest South 2019  [Image: biggrin.png] 
(Interest was low on North & the information was so late this year that we thought it not viable)

As with previous years, we have space for 5 cars each day (Fri, Sat & Sunday)

Each year this event just gets bigger & better (just ask anyone who’s attended before. it’s like Goodwood Festival of Speed meets Live Aid!) and BEST of all it’s in aid of BBC Children in Need 

Dates are:

23rd -25th August 2019

Further details on the website (book through me!)

As per previous years the Club package offers Car & two persons at a greatly discounted rate to public tickets (which are VERY limited to buy) with options for participant additional family tickets if required.

Okay, the GOOOOOOOOD NEWS...this year for the very first time there is a reduction in price! 

1 x Delorean & 2 people is ONLY £50 for the weekend plus camping (if required at £25/night)

Please let me know if you wish to come along and join in the fun!
VIN 4532

Wish I could (and one day will) just so difficult organising things around work/school holidays etc. Kids are getting older so things should start to get easier!
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
I'm on holiday in sorry folk.......
Chris Parnham in Derby 
RHD Auto MGJ 126Y (AXI 1699)
Outlander PHEV 4X4
MG ZS EV....Full Electric SUV.
TR7 Convertible 

DOC Club Historian 
Still place available on the stand

Please contact me if you'd like to attend.

1, 2 or all 3 days

Kind regards
VIN 4532

Tickets for 2 persons & Delorean are ONLY £20 a day folks (that's £10 per person)
Public entry is £69 Fri, £80 Sat & £78 Sunday per person!

There has never been a better deal to attend Carfest...

Please PM me if you would like to come along.

Kind regards
VIN 4532

VIN 4532


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