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what paint for black plastic
Hi Guys

my hunt for my D project goes on after coming close (US ebay) a couple of times...

anyway i am presently restoring an E21 Baur BMW....and i need to paint the plastic external trim (someone has painted the grille horrible body colour!)

so, for this and when i get my D, what have you all used to paint plastic trim to make it look factory finish...

i think Chris N did my last D and not sure what he used for bumper.

so going to rub down old paint, scotch brite it and body whipe it clean....then either primer and paint or just the paint if it does not need primer, but not sure what to use yet.

have heard the halfords bumper paint is now not very good after a formula change..

any ideas?.

and do you guys still use a grey interior paint on your faded D?.

thank you for any help.

ex vin 1621
future vin???? (hopefully soon)
Steve Saunders
ex owner vin 1621
doc 370
I've never done it, but everything I've read recently says the black bits aren't painted, so they should be restorable.
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we used to use mobile Smart Repair companies to do minor bumper and trim repairs when I worked in the motor trade, they could do stuff like putting the grain pattern back in bumpers and stuff, as well as minor paint touch ups.

Martin Gutkowski had a contact for the grey vinyl dye btw.
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Dan is right in what he's saying. The black bits of the bumpers shouldn't get painted. They are fully restorable with lots of elbow grease. Same goes with the lower spoiler at the front (although you lose the texture finish on the spoiler as a result).
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