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Mot'ing a DMC 12
Hi. I tried searching for this but to no avail.

still, as a newbie, it's a chance for me to become known around these parts.

So my question is, what changes have to be made to the Delorean to get it through MOT requirements please?

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US cars, if that's your question, need very little.

Headlights need to be UK spec (pattern), a Fog light must be fitted and side markers/running lights disabled (your mileage may vary on that).

That's all I did with the cars I've registered and MOT'd the first time. The rest should be fine.
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As what Dan wrote really. Only the 'outer' headlights need to be changed to UK spec ones with a sidelight. and fitting a fog light either a separate one or altering the existing rear lights so that the inner two act as both fog and brake lights.
Some MOT inspectors want the side running lights disconnected some don't bother, likewise with the front running lights in the indicators some don't like them and I always disconnect them to use the supply for the 'new' headlights but some allow it!
A little is up to you and what you think you want and can get away with!
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