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New DeLoreans
DMC Houston have opened a Pre-Order 'interest form' on their website for people who would like a New one.

I wonder if any will come to the UK. Hopefully Top Gear or the likes will get one on their show...
Just like the modernised Jaguar e-type or Jensen Interceptor that have been on before.

[Image: landscape-1476733325-delorean.jpg]
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There's a few weird things going on with that photo!?

New sill stripes with"DMC".
Weird bubble in the upper front bumper in the middle above the grill.
UK spec style recessed indicators.
Body panels which still don't seem to fit properly.
Front jacked up to old federation spec instead of original Lotus Eurospec.
Grooved bonnet again. (Not flat or flapped)
Bonnet still doesn't lie flat properly.
UK style license plate.

Is this someones car, or an example "new" one?
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Road & Track have used a stock photo of the DeLorean that used to be at the Beaulieu Motor Museum.

There isn't a picture of a 'new one' yet as they haven't been made... I'm sure the fit & finish will be top notch Smile
DOC 116
VIN 6237 Grey Interior, Manual
VIN 16723 Black Interior, Auto
I've got photos of that car from when it was at Beaulieu, the 'logo stripes' looked 'sprayed on'.
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There is definitely one coming to the UK. I was talking to a young car dealer at Windsor a few weeks ago who has put his deposit down on one. He told me that only the first 12 would look very similar to the 'regular ones and all the rest would be 'upgraded visually'. Not sure how right it is…but thats what he said.
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