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interior leds
I am trying to change the interior lights to led.  Front one is no problem.  Rear one has the problem of the delay module, featured in previous posts, I know.  I understand the delay circuit is a mystery and I presume the led doesn't draw enough power to activate the circuit completely so remains partially lit through leakage when the door is shut.  I tried a 47R resistor in parallel with the lamp and it now dims out nicely BUT there is still a voltage of about 20mV across the resistor.  I calculate this would drain the battery in about 3000 hours (4 months): not a great problem in reality but to my mind not a perfect solution.  I could use a lower value resistor but that seems to defeat the object of using the leds.  Has anyone sussed a work around?  The delay and dimming is a nice feature.  My only thought is that I could remove the module and jumper across to the line which connects to the front light so that the rear light simply goes out as soon as the door is closed as does the front one.

Incidentally, my rear light is not the double ended festoon type, but one that takes a bayonet car sidelight bulb 10Watt (no less!) and the led replacement came all the way from China (in a plastic bag, in bubble wrap, with a customs declaration - for £1.50.  How do they do it??).  It's the wrong polarity but with a couple of bits of wire, a soldering iron and a sense of humour I can get round that.

Also, I read about the two door switches on the driver's side.  One seems to work the front interior light and one the rear light.  Possibly it was all rewired when the rhd conversion was done, and that's why the seat belt buzzer kept going off randomly and had to be excised.
with leds, the delay and dimming function can be achieved with this module :
Blooming heck! Thats just the sort of stuff that scares the pants off me!

Rather like trying to get my head around a new TV remote control…or phone. You know the sort of thing that comes naturally to a 5 year old.

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Tony, probably a good idea to speak to Rich Hutchinson (might be worth emailing him or PM'ing him via here), as
he's up on electronic stuff.
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