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#2292 New engine
Blimey, has it really been over 2yrs since I updated this thread?   Shock

Well, a lot has changed here.  The garage got finished (6 car capacity), and the new mancave was built on the 
back of it.

After seeing the amount of work that Marek has had to do on his car for the L7X conversion, we decided not to 
go that route, and a few months ago sold the donor Peugeot 406 to a friend who is building a Citroen Xantia Activa 
and wanted the engine and gearbox for it.

Back end of last year, we'd even started toying with the idea of an electric conversion on the DeLorean, and got 
chatting to a guy at the NEC about Jaguar iPace motors.  However, having looked into it further, we soon realised
we'd be looking at a cost of between £10k-£20k, which is considerably more then we have available to spend on the car.

My beloved old 1989 Cavalier is finally going off for her bodywork resto on 1st August, so this will leave space in the garage
to start stripping the DeLorean down and see what we are dealing with.  As the car is nose-in at the moment, we need to 
pull her out, was all the dust and crap off, then get her back in with her engine bay at the entrance to the mancave, 
so that we can pull the engine out and put it on a pallet.  We can then see how bad the chassis rot in the rear box section
is and work out if its something we can fix ourselves, or something that needs to be done by a specialist.

We've quite a list of work to do, and much as I'm not a massive fan of automatic DeLorean's, my worsening arthritis means
that I simply wont have the physical strength to operate the clutch on a manual DeLorean in the future.  This means that
one of the jobs will be fitting an automatic gearbox to the car.  However, as many of you will know, an automatic gearbox
will not drop into a manual frame, so that will mean modifying the chassis somehow.  We are also once again looking at
engine options, anything from a 2.9 V6 from an Espace to an Alpine A610 engine - however both will need ECU, looms, etc
and its scarily expensive once you start looking into it.

I've had the usual 'put an LS V8 in it' comments.  No thank you.  I don't intend to butcher the car more then necessary, plus
the adaptor plate for the LS is over £2000, and that's on top of £10,000 for an LS motor and all the other costs.

Another upgrade we will be looking at is power steering, and finding a compact electronic PAS system that will fit in the limited
space available.

So, hopefully in a few weeks I'll be able to update this thread a bit further once we've got her in position in the garage and start
the strip down.

All being well, Flopsy will ride again in time for her 40th Birthday in July 2021.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Oct 1995 Espace RT Alize 2.1TD -Jaffa the Bus
Good luck Claire, I think the only chassis differences are the mounting plate for the sector mechanism. I know the auto box has only a few mill clearance you pull it out...i've done that Job!
Chris Parnham in Derby 
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Ah that's interesting Chris, so not a total no-no, just a bit of adjusting needed to get it in.

I've dropped you an email btw.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Oct 1995 Espace RT Alize 2.1TD -Jaffa the Bus
Great News that Flopsy will ride again...

Is the block absolutely irreparable?
How about cold welding the block rot if it isn't too severe?

It would be nice to keep her original.

DOC 116
VIN 6237 Grey Interior, Manual
VIN 16723 Black Interior, Auto
Thing is Stu, the engine in Flopsy isnt the original one (it was changed in 1990), and its always been a dog, so I'm happy to bin it.
Phill has been spending months looking into engine options, with the obvious problem of the engine/gearbox/driveshaft layouts.
Our thought is now to buy a complete Renault Espace Mk2 V6 Automatic - hens teeth here, but plenty in Europe - and use that as
a donor - any left over bits from the Espace will be useful for my own Mk2 Espace (2.1TD), and we can scrap the rest.

My Cavalier went off to the bodyshop on Saturday, so yesterday (as anyone who follows me on Facebook will have seen), we dragged
Flopsy out of the garage with our Cavalier TD, turned her round, washed 4yrs of crap off of her, then towed her backwards into the garage.

We are making space to do the frame separation, and will make a start on this in a few weeks once Phill has finished sorting out his man cave
and we've got space to put the various parts we'll need to store during the strip down.

So hopefully, in early September, pretty much 4yrs to the day since the engine shat itself, work will commence!
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Oct 1995 Espace RT Alize 2.1TD -Jaffa the Bus
ok, another change of plan............. jeez nothing is simple....... so the Espace 2.9 V6 didn't use the 4141 automatic, so that means
its a no-go for a donor car.
I got chatting to a petrol head mate of mine and was talking about making my car automatic as osteoarthritis and a heavy clutch aren't
really compatible, and he suggested servo assistance on the clutch and sent me a link to a company who do a kit for about £160.00
This means I can keep the car manual, so less dicking about, and will 'hopefully' give me a wider range of engine options again.
I did go back to the Ebay listing for a rebuilt Alpine A610 engine, but that has now sold, but I'll keep looking and hopefully find something
suitable soon.
Hopefully once the final few mancave jobs are done, the space will be there for the body to be separated from the chassis for the first time
in 39 years and work can start in earnest.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Oct 1995 Espace RT Alize 2.1TD -Jaffa the Bus
What happened to turning Flopsy into an electricery car?
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the lack of £30k to do the job properly.
Claire Wright  - Club Treasurer
Jul 1981 DeLorean - Flopsy #2292 
Aug 1989 Cavalier 1.6L - Guinney
Oct 1995 Espace RT Alize 2.1TD -Jaffa the Bus

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