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Replacement CPR. Where from?
My CPR is stuck. It doesn't vary with revs / demand.
I've contacted Ken Mills Injection. They want £248 to refurbish including postage and 1years warranty.
I have just ordered one from DMC Europe. £170.
But they have just responded to an earlier email saying they will not offer a warranty with their products!
I'm not sure that's legal (product has to offer reasonable service ) but is their something I should know about their CPR's ?

Cheers chaps.
Control pressure shouldn't vary when the engine is warm. When cold it varies with engine vacuum.
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Cheers Martin. No, pressure was set at cold, but did not change as temperature increased.
Should be around a bar or a bit below when cold, and rising to around 3.5 bar when hot. Should briefly deflect down when throttle opened, stops after a while when the vacuum is disconnected and put on the distributor instead.

The usual failure mode is being stuck on 3.5 bar at all times. This does at least render the car driveable once warm. Anything else will adversely affect the mixture.

I've used KMI for years
Martin Gutkowski
DeLorean Cars
Thanks again. I forget exact figures, but when Mike Ward put his gauge on it cold it was sending 5bar to distributor. It was then set to correct cold temperature setting 2bar? but it as engine warmed up pressure only reached 2.4bar.
May help others understand the system alittle, as before speaking to Mike I had no idea of the systems workings.

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