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Lego Dimensions with BTTF
Lego are also doing their film tie in bit with their Dimensions game, a bit like the 'Skylanders' game from a while back which brings in characters from film and tv to fight against something else in an inter dimensional game-Marvel & DC superheroes are there as well as the Doc and Marty-the DeLorean still looks very un DeLorean like and the interesting Docs time train is present which I think is largely overlooked. Fantastic plastic but really only for Lego fans I think!
#10556 'Ol Stainless' running surprisingly well,Audi A5 2.0T Quattro smug as usual,Wenault Slaguna stationary for the mo',the R.V.Enterprise clocking the U.K.miles up,new fleet addition-Jessica the Daewoo Matiz,silly but 55mpg....!

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