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VIN 10989 In Grimsby, Lincolnshire
Less than 12 hours to go ....
Like many, this has been a dream for a very long time and in the morning all my Xmas's have come at once.

Grey, manual, Dec '81 (reg'd Jan '82)
Vin 10989

Thankyou for all the advice from forum members since I first posted several month's ago, and a huge thankyou to Mike Holtby who firstly allowed me to prize this one from his clutches and secondly for getting the car right.
At least you can get to grips with your painted one now!

Pictures to follow soon.
I'm also looking forward to the day when another 'Mike from Grimsby' makes a similar post……...…it WILL happen one day. :wink:

In the mean time, Mike 1979, enjoy your car and the attention you will receive. Big Grin
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:mrgreen: Great news, need pictures though!
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
Hi All,

First attempt at adding pictures ...
And again ...
And one more ...
Looks very nice, you must be chuffed to bits!
Membership Secretary DOC UK
2018's DeLorean event:
VIN#15768 Ex VIN#4584 1972 Bond Bug.
I am Chris, very happy.

Like most of us on here it was along time in the making, but, I have one at last. And a fully sorted, tidy car.

The car got plenty of looks as I drove through Grimsby/Cleethorpes yesterday and all the comments made happened to be positive, well so far anyway.

Still getting use to adding pictures, lol
car looks lovely, well done Smile
Claire  - DOC-UK Treasurer
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Hi All,

Just thought I would give a quick update to DeLorean ownership one month on.

So far, owning a DeLorean has been everything I hoped it would be.
Don't get me wrong, getting use to a left hand drive and no power steering has had it's moments, but it's all part of the fun.

From my point of view, being new to DeLorean the car is great fun, one thing that took me back was how much attention the car gets, I think people are alittle deflated when I get out!

Fair to say the car won't be out much now because of the weather but I really am pleased I bought a DeLorean.

Car does look nice. What is the history that you know?
Interested in your 'deflated when you get out ' comment. What do you think they are expecting? Pimp? Marty? James bond? :lol:
The car hasn't been in the UK for many months and was imported from the US.
Just when I get out of the car I think people expect more, like you said Marty or something, lol.

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