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Fifth Gear - BMW i8 and DeLorean DMC 12
Love both cars.

[Image: Fifth,P20Gear,P20-,P20BMW,P20i8,P20and,P...TgZf0S.jpg]

From the article:
Vicki compares the old to the new, with the famous DeLorean DMC 12 to BMW's new i8!

4 pictures and video in the gallery

Yes, it was one of the first shows to air. I... well, there is nothing similar between the two and it was an odd thing since there is no comparison. She is with a DeLorean in BTTF garb then goes off and reviews the i8. That's about it. Odd.
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Having been lent both an i3 and i8 by BMW last year, it was very hard to go back to 'normal' cars. Electric cars have their downsides but the way the i8 puts out it's speed is impossible to describe. Like nothing I've ever driven. Even the i3 was pretty amazing.
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I was waiting for it on the particular grate is the press keep referring to it as having gullwing doors, when it's clearly got butterfly doors!
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Hi Guys

That was me and the i8. My brother has just got one and it is the future. Brilliant car. I personally think it has a lot of similarities with the DeLorean and that had the DeLorean still survived as a modern day manufacturer it may have been a similar car to the i8. Just my opinion for what it's worth Smile

A nice little piece that…quite positive about both cars. The Delorean has aged quite well.
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Nice one Brian!

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